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Everyone is having easy access to the internet now. In India alone, the internet services provided by Jio are all encompassing and very fast and this has given so many number of people easy access to broadband internet connection. People are now making judicious use of the fast internet link and more data time are used than before. And, it has improved people’s preference for high definition (HD) movies over the small videos that are in 240p and less. Moreover, people now prefer to watch their TV shows and movies over the internet because the YesMovies site is there to make it happen. There are also many movie streaming service sets that are available to serve people’s need. Notable of them are HotStar, Amazon Prime, Netflix and a host of others. But what make these set of streaming service sites different from Repelis, YesMovies, Coke and Popcorn is that they provide link to stream movie contents free of charge while the earlier set will require people to register and pay monthly subscription to be able to stream movies and video contents through their links. Subscription-type movie streaming service sites (the like of Netflix and Hotstar) have had their imprints spread across the globe. They spend very hugely in term of operating cost and most of their movie contents are licensed. These are some of the reasons why they will have to charge viewers some subscription fees to be able to generate some revenues. So many people are however not able to pay such high subscription fees to watch some limited number of TV shows and movies. They are eager to watch latest and new release movies but cannot afford to pay for them. So many people have therefore, decided to tolerate large number of adverts that will pose some disruptions when they try to stream and watch latest movies through YesMovies links. They are not bothered in anyway about the quality of the video contents they can download